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Danea & Ryan

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

October 21, 2017

Danea & Ryan married on the sunniest, warmest day in October at Fallasburg Park in Michigan. I was honoured to witness & capture their love. Their wedding day was just like them: Thoughtful, genuine, warm, & heartfelt. Somehow I made it the whole day without crying until their last dance of the night (almost everyone had left, but they might not have noticed because they were in their own little romantic world) & I BURST into tears, sobbing, "YOU'RE BOTH JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!" Real love, real magic.

The morning began at Amanda McGrail Salon in Belmont where the bridal party got ready, drank coffee & champagne, & received homemade gifts from the bride.

First look at Fallasburg Park's historic red barn.

Not far from the historic red barn was a little grove of trees in the middle of a large golden field which is where we photographed Danea + Ryan for their pre-married intimate photos.

Deana + Ryan's wedding ceremony took place by the lake at Fallasburg Park. The autumn weather was incredibly good to us + the intimate ceremony was filled with tears, laughter, + so so much love + magic.

Following the ceremony, the reception was held at a rustic wood cabin in Fallasburg Park. Guests enjoyed coffee + tea that was made by Danea + Ryan specifically for their wedding day. Hot apple cider, vegan + gluten free cupcakes + treats were also provided by Rise Baking Company.

During the reception, Danea surprised everyone, including her husband, by serenading him with one of their songs. It was such a beautiful, intimate moment.

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