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Hey, I'm August!


The answer to my most frequently asked question is, I was actually born in April. Go figure!


I've been photographing beautiful souls like yourself for as long as I can remember and have always been in love with capturing portraits and intimate moments. I went to art school in Toronto, Canada for 35mm film photography - I absolutely love film and working with my hands while developing. As someone who gets inspired and excited very easily, it's pretty typical if our shoot gets loud, filled with lots of laughter and funny stories. Unfiltered, I swear like a sailor. I won't do it in person unless you drop a curse word first - Then the lid's just blown right off! I'm a total homebody unless I'm photographing some kickass (whoops there I go) people like you or doing yoga at my local studio. As soon as I'm done with a photo shoot, I immediately run home to edit - Photography is 1000000% my passion, my heart, and working with you means the entire world to me.


My photography business began back in 2012 after my fiery passion for documenting people and their beautiful lives took hold of my heart.


My experience has taken me from portraits to fashion to weddings and I am humbled to have my work published in books and magazines internationally and showcased in local galleries. 


As a Grand Rapids native and Michigan lover, I use our diverse landscape and natural

light to further tell your story. I am also available for travel for destination weddings

and elopements.

Feel awkward in front of the camera? Don't worry - I have created fun, engaging,

and intimate prompts, so you and your partner feel comfy and cozy. 

Phew, so that's a little about me, but now here's WHY I love it so much.


Tell me your

love story.

Tell me your love story with all of its juicy details. Tell me about how you first met. Don't skip the part about when you thought he was too loud or when she didn't seem interested and it broke your heart.


Tell me about all of your missed opportunities, tell me why you kept going, what kept your head afloat, what couldn't keep the two of you separated. Tell me what magical, invisible energy kept pulling you two closer despite the miles apart, despite the tension, despite what everyone else said. 

Tell me how you feel when you look into each other's eyes. Tell me what you see. Tell me what makes you snort and then cover your face because you snorted. Tell me a funny memory that still makes your abs hurt from laughing. Tell me why you love each other. How much you love each other. Tell me how it feels to be wrapped up in each other's arms. Tell me about the exact moment it all sparked for you - The goosebumps, the butterflies, the warmth, the passion, the intense aching feeling of love that makes you want to hold onto each other tight while screaming your love from the top of a mountain. 

Tell me your love story and I will show it to you. I will capture that energy, that intimacy, that romanticism, that intensity, that authenticity, so you can see for yourself how truly magical you are.

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