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Holy moly Aries fire! Em was the winner of the Aries Astro Shoot photo giveaway! And if you're not familiar with this giveaway, anyone can enter to win a free half hour photo shoot if it is currently their zodiac season. So if you're a Virgo through Sagittarius, be sure to follow along and enter for your birthday! I was extra excited for this giveaway because I am an Aries baby as well :)

Em is an incredibly talented photographer AND model (best of both worlds - she is amazing). Go check out her work HERE and follow her adventures around Michigan and beyond!

Funny story time! While I was getting ready to pick a random winner (I write all of the entries on slips of paper and pull them out of a bowl - Old school style), my cat Umi bit a piece of paper and pulled it out of the bowl. And it happened to be Em's entry. It was fate, ya'll.

I'm so grateful that my cat randomly picked this rad lady. Em and I planned this shoot for months until she came to visit Grand Rapids as she's from Detroit. She sent me photos of her outfit (a photographer's DREEEEEAAAMMMM!) and I was so so so excited that Em decided to wear her mom's vintage red blouse paired with the world's most flowing, colorful skirt. We were even lucky enough to partner with the amazing stylist Mairead Steketee who absolutely slayed the makeup game!

We were originally going to shoot at a wooded park, but ended up last minute pulling into a deserted parking lot that lead into a gorgeous field! And then we found dirt paths that led deep into the forest - It was a truly magical, coincidental, spontaneous find.

The sun had been hiding behind clouds all day and our plans for a golden hour shoot looked like it might not happen. But LOW AND BEHOLD the sun came out in gorgeous, warm, soft light and all was well in the world. Even though we were absolutely attacked by mosquitos, this shoot was sooo much fun and I am so thankful I had the chance to not only meet Em, but to photograph her truly golden aura.

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