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Lauren + Tyler

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

This moody, boho, woodland Grand Rapids wedding was an absolute dream come true. The fairytale elopement-style day was magical from the custom-made natural crown, vanilla and lemon gold flake cake, and cascading floral pieces on the sweetheart table. Lauren was a radiant bride with an ornate braided hair style, warm golden makeup, and a billowing boho bell-sleeve lace dress. Her groom, Tyler wore a deep forest green suit adorned with gold buttons and an earthy floral boutonniere tied with lace.

We started the day bright and early (with Rowster coffee in hand, of course) at Palace Flophouse Salon on Wealthy Street. This salon is an absolute dream! A brightly lit, clean, airy space filled with so much positive energy.

Rachael Tebos was the incredibly talented stylist behind Lauren's jaw-dropping, intricate hair style and Tyler's clean and modern cut. The talented makeup artist Hannah Highley used warm earth tones for this boho-inspired wedding makeover. We were blown away by the talent, skill, and creativity of the Palace Flophouse team!

Lauren slipped into her delicate boho, bell-sleeved dress from Ali Nicole Bridal. This dress can barely be described with words - ethereal, radiant, flowing, and elegant. The excitement for the day was palpable as we drove to the ceremony site where Lauren and Tyler had their emotional first look. They met in a small grove of trees under the warm spring mid-day sun.

Lauren and Tyler then read aloud letters they wrote to each other in lieu of vows. Their letters were filled with sweet, funny memories and hilarious inside jokes. These two got so many laughs out of each other, but also shared intimate, heartfelt wishes for their future together.

Their gold rings were presented during their intimate elopement-style ceremony. Lauren's ring was garnished with a red ruby, surrounded by a simple, delicate gold leaf.

Right after their ceremony, the two headed to their sweetheart table, decorated with rich, earthy, exquisite flowers by Molly Tiesma of Eastern Floral. Toffee roses, giant red peonies, moss, rustic potted plants, and cascading greenery. This tablescape was truly unique, incorporating textured florals that flowed from each piece to the next, creating a stunning atmosphere instead of a simple centerpiece.

The wedding cake masterpiece, a vanilla and lemon layered cake filled with macerated blueberries and vanilla meringue Swiss buttercream, was created by NhưBình Tobias of Vanilla & Nhu. Textured with gold flakes, floral sprigs, berries, and a toffee rose.

We then traveled further into the forest for moody newlywed portraits in Lauren's parents' vintage pink armchairs.

Once the sun began to set, the lovers explored fields and packed a picnic to enjoy the golden sunset. These two are such a joy to be around and their laughter was infectious! We had such a blast frolicking through the woods and soaking in the last rays of light to end the indescribably romantic day.

As the sun went down and the day was nearing its end, Lauren and Tyler left through a tunnel of trees, holding hands, and dancing into the sunset. The perfect end to the most beautiful wedding day.

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