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My dear friend Lauren and I spent the past weekend in this amazing log cabin on the southeast side of the state. It was our girls' getaway that was much MUCH needed! It was time for us to get away from our normal routines, embrace our creative and feminine selves, and spend quality time with each other.

We arrived on Friday night and after getting settled in our cozy new space, we hit the small town for dinner and grocery shopping. We spent the night planning and getting inspired for our upcoming styled wedding shoot (more to come of that soon! Eeeeee!).

On Saturday morning we woke up early and went shopping at the antique mall just down the road and guys, I got the most amazing vintage gold candelabra and it's currently being used on my dining room table. I feel sooo regal. Then we got to shooting. These photos are still making me drool - Lauren absolutely SLAYED! I can't believe this session was her first time modeling! Like how!? We jammed to Ariana Grande and shot all around the log cabin for about three hours. We were hoping to snap some photos out by the lake once the sun went down, but darn Michigan overcast had a different plan in mind. But that was okay with us! We got in our jammies, made some pizza, and watched the live action Beauty and the Beast on Netflix with tomato masks on our faces while we looked at all of the photos and I got to editing.

Honestly, the last time I remember having a whole weekend off from work was back in October when my mom and I traveled to the Pacific Northwest. So the couple of days we spent in this totally hygge heaven was absolutely needed. I haven't felt this refreshed, grounded, peaceful, and connected to myself and my art in a long time. And Lauren and I did sooo much bonding, it was incredible. Thank god for amazing friends who just totally get you!

So without further adieu, I present the beautiful modeling debut of my bff Lauren!

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