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Kendra + Andrew

Kendra and Andrew were married on one of the hottest day of the summer at the gorgeous River Edge Bed & Breakfast in Lowell, Michigan.

The venue was lushly decorated with organic elements like wood, eucalyptus, baby's breath, tree sprigs, and large cascading crimson bouquets.

Kendra wore a form fitting open backed gown with intricate lace and buttons, decorated with a floor length thin veil in her braided updo.

Their families combined and came together during the wedding with Kendra's father and step-father walking her down the aisle. Andrew was holding back emotional tears at his first look at his bride as she came toward him.

During their emotional, handwritten vows, Kendra spoke about how much she loved and appreciated Andrew for knowing her first priority is always her daughter and he welcomed her into his life like his own.

Then *cue the emotional music* Andrew read aloud vows to his new step-daughter as she hugged his legs tightly.

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