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Jenna & Jeff

Jenna & Jeff are the epitome of my favourite quote, "Love is friendship set on fire." Their photo session was filled with so much laughter, kisses, & genuine joy that it's obvious that they are not only the most beautiful couple, but also best friends. & a match made in heaven, okay? Our shooting location was a magical hidden valley in Grand Rapids & at the entrance you can see all of the Michigan autumn foliage from above. Just reason #1456 why I love this city. It had been pouring rain all day, but Jenna & Jeff arrived like the fearless troopers that they are, eager for their shoot.

As we descended into the tucked away valley, the rain stopped & the air seemed to warm. They played their current love song (they like to change it up every few months - they're so cool) & they had the cutest dance under the trees.

At the base of the valley, we were greeted with an early evening autumn fog & a small pond. Everything about this shoot was magical.

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