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fall field sunset engagement photo session

An incredibly stylish + epic golden hour autumnal sunset engagement couples photo session at Grand Ravines Park in Jenison, Michigan. Erin + Anthony traveled several hours and ended up spending the weekend in the Grand Rapids area just to meet with me for this photo session! :,) I was so so honored! These two brought all the style, all the laughs, the cute poses, and laughs - I barely had to do anything except for scream in excitement over how gorgeous it all was!

Erin wore an incredible sparkly full-length white dress from ASOS with vintage 70's silver chunky heels and Anthony donned a very sharp suit for their more formal looks. They gave me such creative freedom to get funky, play with blur and grain, and use that beautiful fall Michigan golden hour light to our advantage! This whole day was just absolutely amazing and you can probably tell... I had a VERY hard time narrowing down photos to share. Whoops!


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