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Erika + Matt

Erika + Matt. Ugh these cuties. Erika invited me into her absolutely gorgeous apartment - literally my jaw almost hit the floor. Decorated with vintage couches and arm chairs, gold-framed paintings, plants everywhere, and cozy vibes galore. Her cats Penny and Pepper are the freaking cutest things on the planet and kept us laughing throughout the session. They are so cute that there is a whole section in this blog dedicated to them, so keep on scrollin'!

Matt brewed us the best damn cup of coffee I've had in a while and they told me the story of how they met. Let's just say technology is amazing and these two matched not just on one dating app, but TWO. That's when you know it's just meant to be. We talked about love languages, which first off, YES! Let's talk about this shit more! Learning couples' love languages is so much fun and it would totally be one of my hobbies if it wasn't considered weird.

When we began shooting, I asked Erika and Matt what they like to listen to together. After some deliberation, they put on some super great jazz that really set the mood - Cozy apartment, cute couple, post-polar vortex snow outside, great coffee, and adorable cats. It was just perfect.

As we were getting started, I asked Erika and Matt to kiss their favorite part of each other's faces. They took a few seconds to think it over and then on the count of three...

They were both so surprised by what the other one chose! I love using this prompt to start off a session - Couples get to learn more about each other in a whole new way by asking them what they love most about the face they have fallen in love with. Sometimes we forget just how much our partners admire us for who we are, inside and out.

And now for my absolute favorite series of photos from Erika and Matt's in-home session!

Don't be fooled - more cuteness follows!

Okay, now the moment you have all been waiting for! CATS!

And one big happy family :,)

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